Application opens for Two week short term program for individual across the world July 2017   Application Form


          Namaste Educational Academy (NEA) located in Puducherry, India aims to foster and create a learning environment for international students, faculty and scholars. Our program, is designed to give you not only an opportunity to learn through a classroom atmosphere but also through practical training. Your visit in India, as we see it, should nurture learning and simultaneously provide a thrilling and exciting experience of the Indian ethos. The multicultural ambience of Puducherry along with its serenade waterfront and marks of French colonialism will provide you, an enriching insight into South Indian culture.

          Our short term programs cater to liberal arts students/scholars and faculty and provides background in Social Work, Sociology, Language and Literature, History, Political Science, Philosophy and so on. The course comprises of different activities such as introductory lectures, field work, volunteer activities as well as few academic programs. Moreover, a dash of yoga, classical dance and music definitely provides an impetus to the enriching experience. The short term courses are of two week/four week/six week duration. We also provide tailor made programs for groups that may be interested in specific areas of interest.

          Besides these, we also provide support and backing for international scholars working on independent research/ fieldwork by helping them to access various Organisations and around Puducherry.

          The serene and spiritual ambience of Puducherry and its cosmopolitan outlook are factors that make academicians enjoy their stay here at Puducherry. We hope that you now are able to share this spirit of Puducherry and undertake an enriching academic journey with us in the Namaste Educational Academy. We take this opportunity to welcome each one of you to a stirring and inspirational platform of learning at various levels—academic, practical, social and cultural. This program has been prepared with you in mind, to facilitate your stay with us and help you ease into anew cultural ethos. We hope you enjoy your day-to-day life with us and go back with a rich knowledge of Puducherry and more importantly our work at Namaste Educational Academy. We at NEA are ready to create a wonderful program, given a chance.