Johanna Svensson
My experience from my stay at Namaste Educational Acdemy, Ram’s guesthouse was like a home away from home, thanks to the wonderful family and especially Mani and her entourage I felt just like home. From wondering how I would travel from Ram’s guesthouse to my interviews or where I could find the best coffee in Pondicherry, Mani and her entourage where always there to help us with our needs.  Since this where here first year arranging this kind of stay for us students, she really did an amazing job. I just want to thank and praise her for doing such a good job. If you are going to be visiting India trough school, Namaste educational academy, is for me, the only option. The lecture and the trips they arrange is extraordinary and the staff makes everything go super smooth. I’m thankful and grateful for having had the experience of Pondicherry trough the Namaste education academy, and for every student going to India, if you have the luck to meet Mani and experience yourself her hospitality you will be forever grateful.
Julia Blomgren
"The Program at Namaste Education Academy” lived up to my expectations and beyond. The lectures dealt with really interesting and relevant topics. You could tell that the guest speakers was passionate about their subject and they accommodated their lectures to the previous knowledge we had about the subject. I learnt to much about the Indian society and culture during the program. Manimozhi was such a good coordinator, the trip and the program wouldn’t have been as good without her.
Elin Hvarfvenius Blomgren
I have always wanted to visit India and was over the moon when I got the chance to attend Namaste Educational Academy through my university. Even before we arrived in India Ms. Manimozhi made sure we knew she was going to do everything to make sure we had the best time possible during our stay in Pondicherry. From the moment we landed in Chennai we were so well taken care of by Ms. Manimozhi and her colleagues. We had a lot of activities planned, great lecturers who came and talked about so many important and valuable topics that deepened my understanding for Indian culture and history. I loved spending time in Pondicherry and in the programme, everyone really treated us like family.
Agnes Ericsson
My time in India with Namaste Educational Academy is one of the great highlights of my education-time. It has given me experiences that will be useful both in my future work and life as a social worker but it will also be very good & warm memories that I will always remember. It was a programme that learned me about the Indian culture, both historical and present time. The lectures prepared us for starting our own work with our essays and we got all the help we needed. It also gave me new perspectives of life and ways of thinking. Everyone in Namaste Educational Academy is the most welcoming, thoughtful and kind people. I have never felt so warmly welcomed than when I arrived in Pondicherry. The experience have helped me become more independent and to have a broader perspective of life.
Ms.Caroline Botsjo
I would like to thank you for putting together such a great program for our stay in Pondicherry while we were doing our fieldwork there for five weeks. The organized trips you made for us were well put together and I found them very interesting and useful. It gave me a good picture of the very big and complex India, and it sure made me want to learn more about your country. Also the lectures you prepared for us were in my interests and contributed to even more understanding. Both trips and lectures were a perfect mix of history, cultural and religious lessons, as much as nature experiences and many good memories. With Namaste Educational Academy's presence during our trips I felt very comfortable and safe. This also goes for all the other activities arranged by you. All the people involved in the Academy have created a very positive and inspiring place for me to be able to learn so many things. Also, a warm Thank You for all your practical support and help with our fieldwork project.